PubhD de Lisboa: Explain your PhD in a bar

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I launched and organise the PubhD de Lisboa monthly events. PubhD is an event format where people get together in a bar or pub to talk about topics in academic research.

In each session, two or three PhD students, from different areas of research – Sciences, Humanities, Engineering or Arts – explain their work to an audience in a bar.

In exchange, we pay them a few drinks. The idea was launched in Nottingham in 2014.

Science writing and blogging

Oliver Labs 3D printed mathematical shape.

Oliver Labs 3D printed mathematical shape. Image credits: Enric Vives-Rubio

My work in science writing is now focused on writing press-releases in astrophysics and the ocasional coverage of PubhD de Lisboa events. I keep a list of published articles and blog posts, which include topics in mathematics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, applied computational science, aerospace, and mental health.

Histórias de Ciência (Science Stories)

Histórias de Ciência

I organised and co-hosted the event “Histórias de Ciência” (Science Stories), the screening of awarded productions in the European Science TV & New Media Awards 2015.
The screening took place at the Natural History and Science National Museum, Lisbon, in June 2016.

Science Stories is now a space to randomly share movie, web and TV productions about science and technology.


Photography portfolio

I developed a number of personal projects in photography. For each project I explored an idea to express visually, producing a collection of images that work together as a narrative or a journey.

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