Cross-cultural issues in Mental Health: a conversation with a survivor at Making Waves.

Jeremy K.* , a survivor at Making Waves, advocates that mental health care professionals should be open to learn about the cultural background of their patients.

Jeremy is surprised at the lack of ethnic minority psychiatrists, nurses and other health care providers that have an important role in mental health care. When presenting his observations as a consultant to the Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC) initiative, Jeremy received a honest reply from one psychiatrist. The clinician said he was treating mainly minority patients, but he didn’t know how an African-Caribbean person is like when he is not unwell. Continue reading

The analysis of brain images may improve diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems

Peter Liddle and his research group aim to take scientific information about how the brain works and use it to diagnose mental illnesses and suggest the best treatment in clinical practice.

Psychiatry expert Peter Liddle is the director of the new Centre for Translational Neuroimaging at the Institute of Mental Health, in Nottingham, launched on the 30 October. His multidisciplinary team has five permanent researchers and around 20 contributors. Continue reading