Sergio Pereira

I work at the Science Communication Office of the Portuguese national Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences. My role involves the communication of scientific discoveries, promotion of the institute and knowledge transfer to society through digital communication, media relations, public outreach events and partnership projects linking astronomy to culture.

I have a MSc degree in Science Communication with specialisation in magazine journalism in the UK.

My background is in Communication Design, and I worked as web and interface developer in digital communication companies for nine years.

I am the founder and co-organiser of the first Portuguese branch of PubhD, a monthly event where ideas spark.

I am curious about Earth and the Universe and everything inside, from the languages we speak to intelligent machines.

Interested? Feel free to drop me a line at
serg (dot) mpere (at) gmail (dot) com

I am on Linkedin at https://pt.linkedin.com/in/sergiompereira
and here is my CV.

What else I have been doing

My work in science writing is now focused on writing press-releases in astrophysics and the ocasional coverage of PubhD de Lisboa events. I keep a list of published articles and blog posts, which include topics in mathematics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, applied computational science, and mental health.

There is also a selection of projects from my work as web developer.

I also manage a weekly English-Portuguese language exchange group, and sometimes I look through a camera.