About me

Who are you?

Sergio Pereira

I work at the Science Outreach Office of the Portuguese national Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences. My roles include digital strategy, science writing and development of astronomy outreach activities.

I have a MSc degree in Science Communication and studied magazine journalism in the UK.

My background is in Communication Design, and I worked as web and interface developer in digital communication companies for nine years.


What have you been doing?

In writing, I covered topics in mathematics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, applied computational science, mental health and social issues, reporting straight from science journals and talking to scientists and other professionals.

Some articles were published in either English or Portuguese outlets. A selection is listed in the Published Articles page. Others have been published here in my blog.

In programming, I developed websites, digital marketing and social media campaigns using both web browser and web server technologies.
A selection of web projects is listed in the Web Projects page.

What are you up to at the moment?

I use writing, web development, digital strategy and visual design to communicate science and technology. I want to work for research institutions or technological companies.

I am curious about minds, computers and everything in-between and beyond, from how machines think to intelligence in the outer space.
The subjects I am most passionate about are astronomy, computer science, the mind and languages.

What else do you do?

I am the founder of the PubhD Lisbon: “can you explain your PhD in a pub?”, the first Portuguese branch of an idea that started in Nottingham in 2014.

When I am not reading or listening about science, I am running across Lisbon, studying either German or Finnish languages, or taking pictures.
I also manage a weekly language exchange group.

How can I reach you?

Please, drop me a line over email at serg (dot) mpere (at) gmail (dot) com
Or send me a direct message to @TheMovingLamp

Linkedin: https://pt.linkedin.com/in/sergiompereira
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMovingLamp
Feel free to download my CV.

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