Five years sharing knowledge under construction in bars, and a book

In October, it is five years since an audience in Lisbon started monthly conversations about current academic research in a bar.

Federico Ienna
Federico Ienna at the 15th PubhD de Lisboa. Image credits: Catarina Guerreiro.

On the 14th of October, at its 47th session, PubhD de Lisboa, the first initiative in Portugal following this format, now in seven other cities, celebrates its fifth anniversary.

To mark the date, PubhD de Lisboa published and launches a book, gathering 37 stories of knowledge under construction – from sciences, humanities, engineering and arts – out of more than one hundred shared by PhD and post-doc researchers in a Lisbon bar since 2015.

Book celebrating five years of PubhD de Lisboa
Book celebrating five years of PubhD de Lisboa

PubhD creates the unlikely meeting in a bar between two or three researchers from different fields, and attracts an equally diverse audience to promote conversations that couldn’t happen elsewhere.

The original idea was born in Nottingham in 2014 and I brought it to Lisbon the following year. It was very well received in Portugal and other cities quickly followed the steps. I’m very happy to now be also part of a team in Lisbon sharing the same passion for these amazing events: Carolina Figueira, Inês Leitão, Inês Navalhas, Ana Jesus and Telmo Gonçalves.

In Lisbon, 110 researchers, in conversation with nearly 1500 people, explained topics ranging from sunken ships near the Australian shore to cells in the human brain, or from galaxies to 17th century luxury glass.

This experience in now shared beyond the walls of the bar with this book that is as diverse as the event itself, with texts written by me and Inês Navalhas and sketches by Cirenia Arias Baldrich.

Have a look at the book and learn more about PubhD de Lisboa team.

Book celebrating five years of PubhD de Lisboa (open)