The PubhD de Lisboa 2018 book

Book PubhD de Lisboa 2018Our team at PubhD de Lisboa is producing a book about the 19 conversations that took place in the 2018 sessions.

PubhD de Lisboa is a monthly event where PhD students and post-doc researchers explain their research in a bar, a project I started in October 2015 building on PubhD Nottingham.

With texts and design by me, and drawings done live at the events by Cirenia Arias Baldrich, the book gathers topics from the sciences, humanities, engineering and arts.

We are trying to publish it using funds from a crowdfunding campaign at the Portuguese website PPL.

From concept, science writing, design, to budgeting and organising the campaign and the communication plan, this has been fun, passion, and hundreds of hours of work.

Book PubhD de Lisboa 2018